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Immigration Law

The issue of legalizing the stay of foreigners in the territory of the Republic of Poland is one of the areas of law that we deal with. The employment of foreigners, and above all, the active participation in proceedings related to the legalization of their stay, are services that we provide to both private individuals and entrepreneurs who employ or intend to employ foreigners.
Legal service related to immigration is – in the era of free movement of people and capital, more and more often sought by our clients. As part of this specialization, we place special emphasis on the issues related to the proper organization of the process of employing foreigners by domestic employers. Legal advice in this area also includes assistance provided to natural persons in proceedings before competent administrative bodies. We carefully analyze the legal situation of the client and on this basis, we propose appropriate solutions. We represent the client before public administration bodies, and we also assist in organizing the employee relations in the companies that employ foreigners.
The correct employment of foreigners is of particular importance in the context of increased control activities by the State Labor Inspectorate and Border Guard. In the context of changes in the employment of foreigners after 1 January 2018, both authorities control an increasing number of business entities. In this respect, Stachurski & Grzybowska Law Firm meets clients’ expectations by taking over all matters related to formal and legal employment of a foreigner, as well as advising and representing employers before the National Labor Inspectorate, Border Guard and Social Insurance Institution.

The administrative law

Any decision can be appealed, either in the course of administrative or court-administrative proceedings, following the principle of two instances and the right to court. However, revoking an administrative decision already issued is a last resort, and due to the nature of the decisions, sometimes even a positive result of the case is only a “Pyrrhic victory.” And yet it is enough to remember that in proceedings before public administration bodies, it is possible to appoint a legal representative before issuing a decision. The support of a lawyer who is perfectly familiar with material regulations and procedures, as well as having experience in dealing with offices and their representatives may protect us from the necessity of being involved in many years of proceedings. That is why we encourage you to use the services of our office. We are well prepared in terms of both content and practice to help you in the field of administrative law.Clients appreciate not only our reliability during legal proceedings but also value courage when we warn them that there is no possibility of positive resolution of the dispute. Proceedings before administrative courts are characterized by specificity, about which we inform the customer at the outset. These courts do not examine the substantive legitimacy of an administrative decision, but only check whether the decision was issued under applicable procedural or substantive law.
We represent parties in administrative proceedings before both public administration bodies of the first and second instance, as well as in the enforcement proceedings in administration and the court and administrative proceedings before voivodeship administrative courts as well as before the Supreme Administrative Court.

Economic law

Our law firm provides comprehensive legal services that play a key role in ensuring the safe functioning of enterprises in the era of dynamically changing market environment. Our help enables companies to minimize the risks associated with running a business.
Our consultancy covers a wide spectrum of issues, including civil, commercial, economic and tax law. We provide our clients with legal services at the highest level, guaranteeing professionalism, security, and confidentiality. Our priority is the well-defined interests of our clients, thanks to which we offer the services tailored to individual needs.
We encourage you to establish long-term cooperation with us, as this form, in particular, will allow you to multiply the benefits of entrusting us with your interests. Knowing the specifics of your business activities and related legal and financial problems, we can provide you with advice and assistance not only on an ad hoc basis but also by estimating the issues that you will face about the direction of development of your projects. The selection of optimal business and legal solutions at the planning stage of your next intentions will be conducive to achieving the objectives set and will also ensure the security of future transactions.

Inheritance law

We offer you comprehensive service in matters related to inheritance law, because – contrary to popular belief – inheritance law is not limited to the distribution of inheritance. The division is the final element of the process, the course of which is not only proper and consistent with the client’s interests but it will be achieved only when the preliminary issues are sorted out. We advise on notarial certification of inheritance and represent clients before a court in a case regarding the purchase of inheritance.
We conduct proceedings related to the acquisition of n inheritance both n the basis of an act and the last will. We provide any assistance in declaring the heir unworthy or annulling the will. In matters related to the acceptance of an inheritance, we help you carefully assess the property situation of the bequeather to best protect the interests of our clients. The acceptance of inheritance will not always be associated with the expected effect. Only after obtaining a decision on the acquisition of an inheritance or notarial confirmation of inheritance to divide the estate, should the inheritance be carried out. Our help does not end with preparing the application to court – this is just the beginning.
We represent the client actively and with commitment throughout the entire procedure. However, in a situation where our client – heir has not received his participation in the inheritance, we will help him/her demand payment of a certain amount, i.e. a reserved share from those who acquired the inheritance. Our law office will prepare a lawsuit and will represent you throughout the entire court proceedings. If there is a threat of removal, damage, destruction or unjustified regulation of things or rights remaining after the bequeather, it is necessary and necessary to secure the inheritance. In the event of such a situation, we offer services including, in particular, the preparation of an application to the court, active representation during court proceedings and ensuring that the inventory is duly completed. For the sake of your interests, we will make every effort to ensure that inheritance has a measurable effect.

Family law

Family matters in legal terms are a wide spectrum of issues, including divorce, parental responsibility, child support, contact with children, care or guardianship, as well as the division of joint property of former or still spouses. However, this is something more than legal provisions – it is a platform for interpersonal relations, which only a comprehensive, careful and empathic analysis allows proper application in this extremely delicate matter of what has been included in the frames of articles and paragraphs.
We provide our clients not only – obviously – with professional legal assistance, but also a full understanding and tactic approach to issues related to family law issues concerning you. We are well aware of the fact that this is an area of ​​law in which we deal with intimate stories, difficult to express in words the emotions of not only an individual man but entire families. That is why we strive to make our clients feel safe and comfortable. This also applies to attendance at the courtroom. In striving to achieve our client’s goal, we try to minimize the inconvenience caused by the need to appear before the court.
We take on the burden of asking questions, addressing a judge, submitting evidence, responding to the claims of the other party, the need to respond and retort. The courtroom is also a test of trust between the client and the attorney. Therefore, from the first meeting with you in our office, we make sure that you entrust us with full confidence in representing your interests. Open communication between the client and the attorney is one of the most important conditions for success, so we have been working to deserve your trust from the very first interview.

Criminal law

As lawyers, we also deal with criminal law cases with passion and commitment. The fundamental goal and direction of our activities are always and above all the good and interest of the client.
Criminal matters are subjects that, when it concerns us directly, are undoubtedly associated with fear, stress and a lack of sense of security. Being fully aware of this, for the sake of the client, we care about the highest level of lawyer services provided, actively participating in the entire criminal proceedings (preparatory, before the court, executive), a comfortable atmosphere of cooperation and ongoing information transfer.
Specialized knowledge, experience in contact with law enforcement agencies, knowledge of procedures and institutions of substantive law allows us to conduct the most difficult criminal cases. The detained person usually does not realize the importance of his position. It is obvious that detention is immanently associated with stress, which is most often the deciding factor in making a detainee for whom the overarching goal is to regain freedom, de facto unfavorable decisions. The lack of knowledge and insight of “criminal” realities, experience, the lack of consultation with a lawyer often causes that decisions taken independently “quickly” turn out to be only an illusory victory.
Professional lawyer assistance is therefore necessary from the very beginning of each case. Above all, our role is to ensure the most favorable settlement possible. We also assist victims of crimes by submitting requests to initiate proceedings, and we represent the victim in proceedings before a court. In this role, we make sure that the guilty person is punished and the damage caused by the crime is repaired.
Criminal law safeguards the most important values ​​for us, such as health, life, and universal security.

Real estate law and legal services for developers

We have extensive practical and theoretical experience in matters related to broadly understood real estate law. As part of our services, we provide development companies with comprehensive legal services at every stage of the investment. At least, we will help you obtain a building permit, organize the negotiation process with banks on granting a loan, complete credit documentation, create and provide opinions on construction works contracts. At the stage of selling real estate, we offer to create development contracts and agreements transferring ownership. We represent developers in cases related to claims of apartment buyers and in relations with housing associations.
Besides, as lawyers, we provide our clients with active legal representation at every stage of court proceedings.

Cosmetic law

One of the key specialties of our law firm is Cosmetics Law. We comprehensively cooperate with companies that deal with the production and implementation of cosmetics on the market. Thus, we offer you professional legal assistance in the preparation, analysis, and implementation of contracts regarding at least cooperation between contractors, franchise agreements and confidentiality agreements. We also provide professional advice on product documentation and cosmetics registration in the CPNP database.
Cosmetic law, in particular, due to EU legislation, is progressing significantly. We monitor the legislative changes on an ongoing basis, currently introduced based on European Parliament Regulation No. 1223/2009 of 30 November 2009. Undoubtedly, there will be numerous legal modifications in the cosmetics market. Hence, many changes await us, which will require greater reliability from cosmetics manufacturers during their implementation, such as compliance with marketing declarations. We are also aware of the importance of fair competition rules, which are becoming more and more important on the cosmetics market, and thus constitute a platform for legal disputes.
By combining practice and theory immanently, we offer legal assistance at the highest level.

Company law

We provide our clients with comprehensive legal services for commercial law companies, from the preparation of a company agreement, registration documentation, through transformation and ongoing service of business entities. We also provide assistance in the liquidation process and companies. We approach each client individually, preparing optimal solutions regarding the form of doing business, also taking into account their legal and tax consequences. Our activity in the scope of running day-to-day operations of companies consists mainly in creating draft resolutions and minutes of meetings of company bodies, assistance in establishing branches and representative offices, and company representation in commercial law disputes.

Debt collection

Our law office provides comprehensive assistance in pursuing financial claims of both institutional and individual clients. In the event of unsuccessful amicable recovery, we issue a request for payment. We conduct and supervise court proceedings until obtaining an enforceable title against the debtor.
In enforcement proceedings, we cooperate with proven bailiff offices. We thoroughly analyze the facts of each case and determine the individual way of dealing with the debtor, which increases the customer’s chances of recovery. Based on available legal instruments, we operate efficiently and quickly, fully aware of the importance of the circumstances regarding the efficiency of ongoing proceedings.